branding solutions

As architecture projects develop or as businesses re-evaluate their visual presence, elements including signage, marketing material, website design and 3D rendering are vital to the process. 

design build support

As methods of procurement for building projects evolve, done correctly the design-build contract method offers the contractor and client a path way to successful projects.

project feasibility

sca sees it as important to understand how the goals of a project coincide with the guidelines of statutory bodies, the site and the budget available to the client.

traditional architect scope

When clients want to ensure their ideas can be realized from start to finish, sca is equipped to provide them with services under this time proven method, the client is also able to select where along the following steps they require services.


  • briefing

  • schematic design

  • final design

  • statutory approvals

  • tender documents

  • construction documents

  • contract administration

construction support

As projects increase in scale or complexity, it is important to consider the role of the architect during the construction period. sca offers the ability to function as;

  • design coordinator

  • clerk of works